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This company adheres to NOAA’s Northeast whale watching guidelines

Imagine being within feet of some of the most graceful, rare mammals in the world. Departing from Plymouth Harbor, our whale excursion gives you the chance and the opportunity to experience sights that you will never forget. Stellwagen Bank is a marine sanctuary and one of the primary feeding grounds for Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Fin Whales, Minke Whales, and Harbor Porpoises.


Our experienced naturalists will guide you on a trip that is educational, exciting and impressive, you will learn how individual humpback and finback whales can be identified using unique markings and pigmentation patterns that are found on their bodies. Join our naturalists inside the main cabin for a short introductory video, showing the most common whales, dolphins and porpoises that migrate to our New England waters to feed throughout the season.

After the video, take a few minutes to view our educational displays that include marine charts of local waters, diagrams of whales, our humpback fluke-ID catalog, humpback baleen, whale teeth, prey items (including sand lance and copepods). Listen to some of the best recordings of humpback song collected by CJB friends and colleagues who study humpback whales down in the Caribbean during the winter breeding and calving seasons. And don’t forget to take home a variety of free educational literature for you and your family, complements of Captain John Boats.

Learn how CJB biologists are collecting data to help scientists learn more about the whales that are sighted in the waters of New England, and why our coastal waters are so rich and productive, including the waters of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. And hear about all the other unique marine wildlife that you will have an opportunity of viewing when offshore, like northern gannets, shearwaters, basking sharks and ocean sunfish. It’s just not a whale watch, but a marine wildlife cruise!

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This company adheres to NOAA’s Northeast whale watching guidelines

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